Course Outline

The certification program consists of 13 weekly modules. These are the modules for 13 weeks:

Module 1 - Introduction to R, RStudio, and R Markdown
Module 2 - Introduction to Data Science in R: R’s Capabilities
Module 3 - Data Visualization with ggplot2 in R
Module 4 - Advanced Data Visualization in R
Module 5 - Data Wrangling with Tidyverse in R
Module 6 - Advanced Data Wrangling with Tidyverse in Practice
Module 7 - R Data Types and Structures
Module 8 - Advanced R Data Types and Structures
Module 9 - Data Import and Export
Module 10 - Sharing Outputs with the Audience
Module 11 - Introduction to Functional Programming in R \
Module 12 - Advanced Programming in R Module 13 - Capstone Project
Module 13 - Capstone Project


Future Offering
 Fall 2024


Online Asynchronous

Asynchronous session is a self-study session, you do not have to log in during these sessions. The instructor will provide more details of the expectation for the Activity/asynchronous session.


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Data Wrangling and Visualization
Online, self paced
Aug 26, 2024 to Nov 24, 2024
Contact Hours
Course Fee(s)
fees non-credit $398.00
Drop Request Deadline
May 14, 2024 to Nov 21, 2024
Enrollment Deadline
Aug 22, 2024
  • Jae Min Jung
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